A Workshop on “WRITE TO WIN”

Department of M.TECH-COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (5 year integrated) powered by Virtusa organized the Workshop –  WRITE TO WIN on October 5, 2023.

To acquaint the program we had Dr. B. Vijaya Ramanath , who has a vast knowledge and experience in Research and Development areas.

He shared many valuable insights on

  • What is a research paper?
  • The importance of research papers in academia and beyond.
  • Selecting a relevant and interesting research question.
  • Identifying gaps in existing literature.
  • Narrowing down your research topic.
  • Conducting a thorough literature review.
  • Organizing and synthesizing existing research.
  • Identifying key concepts and theories..
  • Introduction: The purpose and significance of your study.
  • Methods: Detailed description of your research methods.
  • Results: Presenting your findings effectively.
  • Discussion: Interpreting results, implications, and limitations.
  • Conclusion: Summarizing key points and future research directions.

The event ended with the thank note given by student B. Lakshitha (II YEAR)