One day Guest Lecture – “Backtracking and Bounded Problems”

The department of M.Tech CSE organized a guest lecture on “Backtracking and Bounded Problems” for 2nd-year students on 06.05.24, led by senior professor Dr.S.Samundeeswari.This guest lecture on provided an in-depth exploration of two fundamental concepts in computer science problem-solving. Through a structured presentation, the professor elucidated the principles of backtracking algorithms and their application in tackling bounded problems, offering insights into their significance in algorithm design and optimization.Attendees gained insights into the theoretical foundations, practical considerations, and real-world applications of these problem-solving techniques, equipping them with valuable knowledge for tackling complex computational challenges. Overall, the guest lecture on “Backtracking and Bounded Problems” was highly informative and well-received by the audience, contributing to their understanding of fundamental problem-solving techniques in computer science.