On April 12th, 2024, the M.Tech CSE department, in collaboration with IEEE SMC, hosted a comprehensive technology workshop at the Techno Center. The event was attended by 45 participants, featuring sessions led by industry experts and academic professionals.

The workshop opened with an Introduction to UI Technologies, focusing on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Participants engaged in hands-on tasks to craft and enhance user interfaces, learning through practical implementation.

Following the UI session, the workshop covered RDBMS and MongoDB, providing a comparative analysis of these database systems to underline their unique applications and strengths in different scenarios.

Indexing in Databases was discussed next, highlighting its critical role in improving query performance and operational efficiency in database management.

The event concluded with an exciting introduction to Generative AI, where concepts like neural networks and generative models were explored, demonstrating their applications in modern AI solutions.

Overall, the workshop provided a rich learning experience, blending practical skills with theoretical insights across various technological domains.